Signs of life

Ticked off my reading list, at last... this plunge into the mind of Esther Greenwood (and, for that, Plath herself) during her time in the bell jar brings back sour memories from the first months of my 25th year in this planet. Where is that elusive point of no return, when you finally slip away? What makes the differences between dim hope and bottomless despair? If untreated, depression can become a terminal illness.

The genius of Waters. Such an inspiration seeing him at 67, gray hair and wrinkles, showing the same passion for his music as he had at 36.

One of my latest adquisitions is this flower shaped tea strainer. So beautifully unneeded, like all the items from the shop it came from. The cat is a timer.

Shopping saturday. Göttingen.

Recently, I came across Webstagram, a web interface for your Instagram account that allows you to share your picture timeline via web, and not only through your smartphone/iPod. The system lets other users comment, share and also search for photos with specific tags and keywords. I might give it a try...

See you soon! And enjoy the last day of summer... I know I will.


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