A series of unfortunate events

 We all know those days in which bad news seem to pile up, happy plans crumble and Murphy's law acts relentlessly over you. Yesterday was one of those days. The recount of the events:

- 07:00 - 

I finally decided to stop being a lazy ass and start jogging in the mornings. Ambitious as I am in almost every  freaking aspect of my life, I stablished a 3 km route that I cover in 17 minutes. The first two days I managed to do that surprisingly well, specially for someone who is a regular smoker (although not a heavy one) and hadn't done any real workout in year and half (and over three years if you don't count month-long stints as "real workout"). 

I attributed my physical condition to my fucking Spartan-like genes (thanks, Dad!); then, on the third time,  my body most probably thought something like "What is this? I thought the other time was an emergency so I played along, but you are seriously planning to do this in a daily basis whithout any proper conditioning? Seriously? Hell, no!". Long story short, after 15 minutes I ended up with severe cramps in my lower abdomen, light headed and afterwards threw up on a nearby bush. Glamourous.

- 10:00 - 

As I was signing up to use some equipment in the lab, one of my labmates greeted me with a letter from the Institute's administration, that states (in BIG, red letters) that I have not paid for the month of june in my previous temporary accommodation and that I should pay immediately. The bill is for 195 euros. "This is ridiculous, I already paid for that like a month ago!" So I went and retrieved my deposit receipts in order to scan them and send them with some kind of "Ha-ha!" note to the administration, when I realised the horror: In the payment for the month of june, I missed a "0" at the end of the bank account number. Then I panicked thinking that I sent money to the wrong account number, so this money was probably already gone. It was not like that: turns out that the bank detected the missmatch and returned my transfer one day after I did it, and I never noticed. So somewhere along the way I spent them. Oh. Now I am 195 euros short on my budget. 


The guy that is supposed to be my scientific sideckick in the lab is very distant. Our schedules coincide only rarely, and after a few tests I've verified that, unless I start conversation with him, he would never speak to me. Which is strange, given that at the beginning we used to have lunch together and have nice little chats, but somehow we grew apart. He is extremely self centered (yes! that coming from me, just imagine) and he is (or at least, says he is) busy all-the-fucking time. Very seldom, I go to him and ask him for things, and today was one of those days. I needed some cells to use in my experiment, and asked him for them. "Why don't you make your own?" I told him that I was making some, but needed even more cells for this experiment. Then, the cherry on top of the cake: "I can give some to you, but not now, because I am stressed". Yes, he did say that. Sometimes he can be a real man-bitch.

He made a faint smile and almost by reflex I smiled back. Then I started my daily work while I brooded over my anger. I don't take this kind of crap from nobody, not even from my boyfriend, so why should I take it from him? I'm not going to wait until he is in the mood to provide his minimal help. From now on, I will do everything myself, even if it takes longer due to my inexperience.


I realise that the cells I intended to use for tomorrow's experiment are all dead. This will put my experiment back for one week. Great.


Get an e-mail from my mother, telling me that my pet rabbit is very sick and she needs to be taken for examination. I feel so bad to be this far away and unable to do anything about it.


At this point, I finally decide to go home before a fucking anvil falls down on me...


A pot of tea and a good book was the best medicine for this kind of day. Moon Palace: a blend of green teas from India, Japan and Ceylon with a vanilla-citrus natural aroma. Soothing to the senses and the spirit...

Emilie Autumn, you gothic nymph, die Teufelsgeigerin... how much wisdom can be found in your words.



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