Moving abroad is much more than a new apartment and a new subway card. It’s a total change, a shift of what seems important, a questioning of priorities and this series of small shocks that you can’t really talk about when they come because there’s no perspective. You don’t yet understand them.

I've just read that in this blog. Describes the exact feeling in such a transparent way.

Nevertheless, I have to say that I found an oasis in my new white walled, IKEA furnished appartment. I finally got a flat for myself to rent (WITHOUT sharing, so no annoying roomates to deal with), and I'm loving it. It's such a curious feeling, to feel in your own space, to be able to close the door and know that you can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want. That you can come here at night and truly relax; that you can slowly shape this place to match your taste and indulge your quirks. To be able to go out and walk around, and know this is your neighbourghood. I feel like I finally live in Berlin.

 My new fortress is in Wedding, which I know it's not as hip as Kreuzberg or Neukölln, but it is quiet and cheap and close to my work, as well as the city (from here I can get almost everywhere within 20-40 minutes) and I'm absolutely content with that, at least for now. Also, my sorroundings are quite nice to look at, and I have basically everything within walking distance. As a bonus point, one girl at a party told us the other day that some people -like her boyfriend- are talking about how the inexorable gentrification is pushing the scene out of the aforementioned hip districts, and all the cool indie people is moving here; as a consequence, soon Wedding will be "the new place to be". However, she immediately added that these people have been saying that for the last three or four years, so I would not hold my breath...

I guess I shall wait for it (like I have a choice, ahaha), if it ever happens.




  1. Írela!! Por fin hallaste madriguera y por lo visto muy ad-hoc a tu estilo. Ya hace tiempo que no me metía al blog en gran parte por culpa del face que tanto odio pero que tanto necesito. Viendo tus fotos de Carpe Diem, del Face y de tu blog me doy cuenta de lo mucho que has cambiado y a la vez te has conservado jejeje. Es chido seguir entre tus contactos después de tanto tiempo. Saludos y abrazos.

  2. Sí, ya me hacía falta... eso de vivir estilo hostel (y encima de todo, en medio de la nada) no me dejaba estar tranquila. Y gracias por lo de que me conservo, me hace falta escuchar eso ahora que me empieza a entrar la crisis de los 30's, jeje. Ojalá uno de estos días podamos encontrarnos para chismear a gusto... ¡Abrazos de vuelta!