Weekend out, part II


A walk through Friedrichshain

Sunny parks and people sitting on the grass while charging batteries. Also, assorted shops offering interesting and fun clothes and accessories, scattered through a stylishly relaxed, inspiring, and friendly neighborhood. 

Small Coffee Shops with cozy spaces and outside benches where you can drink your Chai Latte, or eat simple but well presented tasty food, while having good conversation and looking at the other characters roaming the street in their cool and effortless attires.

I love how in Berlin you can go out for a little shopping adventure and always find a treasure or two. It’s like you only need to say: “I need a cool ___add any noun here___, and it materializes before your eyes! (and no, I'm not "manifesting" stuff with the power of my good wishes, you goddamn new wave hippies...).

Boat spotting! Spree river

A great (and cheap!) way to waste a weekend afternoon (although time that you enjoy wasting  is never wasted time): Get a cold beer, cigarettes and a snack, and take a short walk from the Warshawer Strasse U-bahn station; steer clear those hordes of silly tourists trying to get their passport stamped at Checkpoint Charlie while competing to see who gets an ethylic coma first (or gets lucky with the busty and over-tanned tourist mate of the bus), and walk behind The Wall (yes, of course, THE Wall). 

Then, join the dozens of people sunbathing like Iguanas thawing after the long frigid winter. The view of the Spree from there is one of my favorite landscapes in the city. You also get to see a few hilarious/extravangant things as well. The boyfriend and I saluted the people on the boats by waving our arms like muppets, but none of them returned the courtesy. They were all acting like they were too cool for it, or maybe they just were boring. Or maybe they just were being german (drumroll… zing!).

Oranienburger Strasse


For a drastic change of scene, we took a couple of trains to get to Oranienburger Strasse. Altough very touristy, it feels so incredible alive and colorful, the collective spirit cheers you up and gives you momentum. The smell from the many different meals impregnate the air as you walk, and the Tacheles stands, old and damaged, but proud, before us. Today, there’s a street party aiming to collect funds for legal aid, in order to try and save the alternative ground. A capitalist pig asks for your money:

 As the sunlight faded away and the city lights turned brighter, we headed to BarCelona, were we had a splendid meal. Seafood is the highlight of the menu, and for once it was refreshing to be able to order in Spanish! "Ostia! Traedme mis camarones, tío!" (Well, actually we don’t speak Spanish-spanish, but you get the idea).

Our drink? A rubi red Rioja, the perfect companion for an aromatic paella. It was one of those “I can’t believe this is happening, it’s just like my dreams, I’m so lucky to be here right now!” kind of moment, one of the many that I have had since that sweet and sour moment, one month ago, in which I planted my feet on Berlin, knowing this time it would be for good…



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