See the new moon rising...

Tonight, a blood moon will rise over Berlin.

You know what's funny? Watching tourists and their desperate efforts to try to get a picture of themselves and fit the entire Fernsehturm (TV Tower) as a background. Man, some of them get really creative, but in the end all of them realize is impossible and give in.

I salute you -live!- from Alexander Platz's Starbucks, at the very heart of the German capital, the Fernsehturm right above me. I'm not one to endorse monster chains of fast-food, and certainly not one that feels specially proud to sit here and consume their (bland) products (unlike my friend next to me, who's busy getting her picture taken next to the Starbucks sign because apparently she travelled all the way to Berlin to be photographed chilling at the same coffee-making monster corporation she can find at home- get real, lady).

I am here because I am still homeless, and that means no internet access (gasp!) either.  Which is one of the reasons for the very slow posting these days.

Still, there's many exciting things coming soon, starting tomorrow, with Roger Waters' "The Wall", the legendary show that I missed in Mexico, but now I have the opportunity to witness in the only city in the world were this stale metaphor adquires a most special feeling; coincidentally, the wall will be right there, standing next to us as we listen ecstatic to the magic chords. You cannot ask for more. Oh, no, wait, you can! I demand David Gilmour playing the solo for Comfortably Numb (pleaaaaaasseeeee... so not happening, but hope dies last, right?). I only hope we didn't get scammed by the guy who sold us the tickets, or there will be a small tragedy of Sophoclean proportions tomorrow.

 On june 21, the streets will be soaked in musical bliss, as the Fête de la Musique hits the town (well, every town, actually). For me it's a great oportunity to grasp a little of the vibrant musical scene in this city, still awaiting to be discovered. I need to either choose wisely, or wander like a nomad until I find something I like, but definitely looking forward to it!

Additionally, there's parties and festivals every weekend, so there's plenty to choose from. This weekend the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival calls my name. Next weekend there's Exberliner's 9th Anniversary Party at Monster Ronson's, which I may attend...

Anyway, here I am when I should be looking at flats to rent, hmmm... time to go!



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