First Weekend in Berlin

 And it all begins...

With the nice weather already blooming in Berlin, the Freiluftkino in Kreuzberg is a great option for a relaxing summer evening. Picture yourself in the middle of a grass field, in a lovely location, beer in hand, sitting on a deck chair with the sky as your rooftop, and on top of that, enjoying a great film! We catched “Exit Trough the Gift Shop”, the mockumentary by  world-famous street artist and prolific mastermind, Banksy. There were even fireworks! (Well, not actually in the cinema, but somewhere else close by).

By the way, I love how in their website, the people from Freiluftkino say that “only dogs in a leash will be admitted to the cinema”. Why in earth would you take your dog to the cinema is something that eludes me… but then again, we see dogs in the subway, at restaurants, stores and even in the bank (yes, in the fuckin’ bank). But the german dog thing is a subject in itself that shall be covered some other time.

 Photo by Skpy

After a evening walk through the buzzing environment of the neighborhood, we wanted to refresh our thirsty throats with some great quality home brewed beer. That would complete a wonderful evening and be the perfect catalyzer for good conversation. So we hopped into the subway to get to the Warschauer Strasse U-bahn station and then do a short walk to one of our favorite spots in Berlin: Hopes & Barley’s Pub.

From Cider to Dark beer, each kind of beer is tastier than the other. Also, it’s good for your health, since cloudy beer means live organisms that make your belly happy inhabit the beer that you are about to drink. Or at least that’s what a couple of german geeks told us one day, and I shall believe them (who am I to contradict them? I mean, they are german and all).

Everytime we go there there’s an all-german crowd (which I think is a good sign), which was kind of intimidating the first time we entered the place, until we realized that everyone there is really friendly and make you feel at home. My favorite drink? The Schlangenbiss (A.K.A. "Snakebite”): Half beer, half cider, with a touch of misterious liquor. Oh yeah. Make sure to try it if you ever go there. 

German beer, man. German beer and chocolate will be the end of me (well, at least of the slim version of me).

To be continued...


  1. Oh, ¿te has mudado a Berlín? Saludos :)

  2. ¡Hola, Sergei! Así es... apenas llegué aquí el mes pasado, y me quedan al menos 3-4 años por delante aquí (espero, ja!). Decidí comenzar este nuevo proyecto, a ver qué tal; además me sirve para ejercitar mi atroz redacción y ortografía en inglés. Sin embargo, comentarios en español son bien recibidos :).