How it all started...

It was 2010 and the winter fell merciless upon the city. Snow every day, crackling cold pavement, neverending nights. Still, I fell in love with this city, went completely head over heels about it, and from that moment I knew I will do everything I could to come back. Now, here I am; and I'm hungry for more.

The Passenger's Diaries is my way of documenting all these new experiences. 

Why the name, you ask?

Well, you've probably heard this song:

That is the main piece of the soundtrack that starts playing inside my head everytime I grab my jacket and my bag and go out for a night in the city, just walking and watching and getting soaked on everything that is wonderful in this city of dreams that is Berlin. 

Iggy Pop composed the song and recorded it while him and Bowie were inseparable, back in the late 70's. From listening to it, you can get that rush of heading to the unknown, the excitement of the search for the out of the ordinary, and the complicity of two soulmates. Besides, if hearing that the stars were made for you tonight doesn't make you feel adventurous and excited about life, I don't know what will...

Iggy, I think now I've caught a glimpse of what you were talking about...



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